Intelligent and adaptive complex cyber-physical systems


The application of distributed artificial intelligence systems, such as multi-agent systems, allows to introduce important and demanding features in large-scale complex engineering problems, such as flexibility, robustness, reconfigurability, adaptation and responsiveness. These approaches shift the control paradigm from typical centralized approaches, which are no longer enough to address the requirements imposed by emergent and global environments, to an alternative way to design such systems based on the decentralization and self-organization of individual intelligent entities.

The research team applies emergent ICT and distributed artificial intelligent technologies to develop these intelligent, collaborative and reconfigurable systems, which are being applied to smart production systems, smart electrical grids and smart e-health (see lit of projects).


Research Team:

The research team comprises 4 senior researchers, 10 PhD students and several MSC students with expertise in applying distributed artificial intelligence systems to solve large-scale complex engineering problems.

In this challenging area, we are constantly seeking for high level MSc, PhD students and Postdoctoral researchers. Applications from all around the world are welcomed. Do not hesitate to contact me for more information.



International collaboration includes participation in EU FP7 and H2020 R&D projects and industry driven projects. Examples of companies we have collaborated are Airbus, Siemens, Volkswagen, Schneider Electric, Whirlpool, Loccioni, Iacobucci, TIE, Electrolux, GKN and Smart Solutions.



Intelligent and reconfigurable systems, cyber physical systems, multi-agent systems, Internet of Things, holonic systems, factory automation, self-organized systems.