dynTypo is a collection of work and research by various designers, programmers and artists interested in the possibilities of dynamic and interactive typography in the multimedia arts scene. Much of this work manifests itself as digital artwork, or online interactive experiences. Hence the creation of this research web site. At this stage, the possibilities of dynamic and/or interactive typography are still being explored by academic, creative and commercial sectors, but there seems to be a mutual understanding that this new form of creativity plays an important role in exploring new areas of work and art.

.what is Dynamic Typography?
There's a couple of definitions so far about what constitutes Dynamic Typography.
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[dynamic typography]
Distinction between dynamic font models and temporal typographies, in the sense of movement.

Dynamic typographies are the temporal typographies which incorporate movement and include planar examples, those typographies which require the user to navigate texts and negotiate complex layering of textual and visual environments, or which are programmed as four dimensional letterforms that perform to the strict guidelines of their creators.

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